Contest Types

Goes over the ins and outs of selecting your team and what attributes to look for in different positions.

In DFS there are basically two types of contests that you can enter: Cash Games and GPPs (Tournaments).

Here is a break down of what each type entails:

Cash Games

Head to Head, 50/50 (Half the field gets paid), Triple Ups (1/3rd the field gets paid) are all considered cash games.  You are either playing against 1 person (head to head) or a field of people (50/50 or Tripe Up) with a flat pay out.


GPP stands for Gauranteed prize pool and will have a top heavy tiered payout structure.  There are also smaller games of this type that resemble sit and goes in poker and are 5/10/20 player pools with a tier payout.

There are two major concepts that you should take into consideration when creating teams for these two types of contests.  They are High Floor or High Ceiling, or in simple terms consistency vs potential.

Cash Games

You will typically have only 1 or 2 line ups you will be using for all your contests.  Because of this it is very important that your team to be able to reliably put up a decent score.  You will most likely be playing a handful of different opponents and it will allow you to take advantage of people who make riskier picks that don’t pan out.  The best way to do this is to have your line up spread out between many different teams using nailed on starters who consistently perform well.  You may want avoid stacking players from the same team, especially on defense, because if that team happens to have a poor weekend you are going to get crushed as it will be hard to make up the points elsewhere.  Think of it like being in a satellite poker tournament, where on the bubble you are in great shape if you just have an average stack, and you don’t need to make any hyper aggressive moves to make the money.  This is the high floor concept; you are putting yourself in a position where you shouldn’t ever have an awful score because one or two teams you expected to do well do really poorly due to having your lineup spread out.

Note:  I advocate using  a midfielder in the flex position over a forward for Cash games as they have a much higher floor and will give you a more consistent output due to cross points.


The strategy for GPPs is a little different, and this is where stacking can really pay off.  You are basically looking for a lineup that will have a high ceiling.  You need to focus on games that have the potential to be blowouts and loading up on players from that team.  Sometimes you will end up with as many as 4 players from 1 team in this situation.  The reason for this is that on defense if you have a GK and Defender you profit doubly for having a great defensive game (clean sheet mainly).  For offense if you have Midfielder and Forward you can profit hugely when one is scoring and the other assisting and vice versa.  Expect to have a couple different line ups for GPPs if you want to be successful since if one team performs poorly it will tank your lineup due to having stacked players from that team.  You can think of it like a poker tournament where you are playing wildly aggressive to try and build a huge stack.  Most of the time the outcome will be busting early or putting yourself in a great position to make a big cash.   Most GPPs allow multiple entries so this is where you can take a couple different games that look to be blow outs and make lineups based around each of those games since one of them will likely end up being a blowout.