Gearing Up For the Gameweek

Where I discuss my thoughts on the upcoming gameweek.  I talk about what players and teams to avoid and which to seek out for roster selection.

Gameweek 7: Part 2 Sunday Slate

This will be part 2 of my Gameweek 7 Preview and will cover all the Sunday games available for Draftkings, that means I won't be covering West Ham vs QPR.  If you happen to be playing on other sites where this game is available I highly recommend Downing + Sakho/Valencia stack.  Anyways on to the Sunday games!

Chelsea vs Arsenal

This is a tough one for me as I still have nightmares about the last trip Arsenal took to Stamford Bridge.  The tempo for this entire game will be set in the first 15 minutes.  If Arsenal avoid conceding early I see this being a one goal contest with Chelsea likely winning 2-1 or 1-0.  If Chelsea scores early it could get ugly for Arsenal like it did last year.  Arsenal really lacks a good defensive midfielder so it could be trouble if Chelsea presses them high up the pitch and doesn't let their midfielders have time with the ball on their feet.  The on caveat to last years game is Arsenal will have a ton of speed up top and that may prove their saving grace.  Mourinho may be unlike to condense the pitch and high press as much as last year because Sanchez/Welbeck/Ox offer a ton of pace in behind.  With that said if you invest in anyone in this game it should obviously be Costa (11.6k) and one of Willian(5.2K) or Schurrle(5k).  I will mostly be staying away from this game and that is probably a leak, but I just can't root against Arsenal so I will hope to fade it.  If you do want to load up on this game, Ivanovic(4.1k) is the standard defensive play.  I'd be tempted to avoid Fabregas (9.2k) and Hazard(8.2k) because neither has really been producing and are really too high a price tag when there are better options available which allow you to load up on luxury forwards from other games or Costa from this one.  I'd avoid Arsenal all together, but I could definitely see a scenario where Welbeck(8.7k)/Sanchez(8.5k) go off again but it is too risky a choice given the fixture difficulty.  

Man U vs Everton

So it looks quite like Man United is this years Liverpool of last year.  Poor on defense and full blown attacking talent.  They don't press as hard as Pool did last year, but they still have offensive talent in abundance.  Rooney being out is actually a blessing in disguise as I think Mata(7.9k) is infinitely better suited to play in the hole behind van Persie(9.6k) and Falcao(9.4k).  Mata is going to be one of the most owned players this week and you will most likely need to have some good exposure to him, along with one or both of Falcao or van Persie.  I'm inclined to lean towards RvP instead of Falcao even though I rate Falcaro higher simply due to van Persie being nailed on penalty taker.  The other option in this game is Di Maria (11.5k), but like I said previously I've decided to avoid luxury priced midfielders this week and with mata playing higher up the pitch at a lesser price I think he is a better choice.  Thankfully Man U's defense is pretty poor so their may be some value to be had on Everton even though they are the road team.  Much depends on where their line up Lukaku (9.1k).  If Martinez goes full retard and lines him up on the wing I think it will be a disaster for Everton. However if they line him up centrally with McGeady(4.2k) and Atsu(4.5k) on the wings you've a great potential combo that will give ManU's backline fits.  Naismith(6k) is an option to playing behind Lukaku but he takes up a forward spot and is too expensive given other players of same or lesser price.  The other wild card in this game is Baines (4.2k) who is on set piece duty so even if they get 2+ goals hung on them if he scores or assists from a set piece he's basically earned his keep.  He also takes penalties so that is something to consider as well, I consider him a high risk high reward pick that is a good player to slot in if you plan on doing multiple lineups.

Spurs vs Southampton

I've firmly on the Southampton bandwagon all year.  I haven't decided if I'm going to get off yet or not.  Spurs has been fairly poor at home this year losing 3-0 to pool, 1-0 to Brom, and only tied Besiktas in their midweek tie.  Southampton has yet to be kept off the scoresheet on the road this year averaging almost 2 goals a game on the road.  I think a lot of people may avoid this match up which means it could offer some great value.  Unfortunately Adebayor has been poor up front so if you grab anyone from Spurs it should be someone from their midfield in Chadli(7.3k) / Eriksen(6.3k) / Lamela(7.2k).  If you are taking any one from this game it should be someone from Soton probably.  I typically recommend avoiding away teams, but Soton has proven they can get results on the road.  Clyne(3.9k) and Bertrend(4.5k) offer some decent defensive options, but I'm not sure I'd go for them with some of the cheaper options available that have home fixtures. Tadic(8k) in midfield is close to must have status and still hasn't hit the price yet where he might be too expensive.  Mane (6.4k) rightfully hit a huge price jump so I would be inclined to grab Pelle(8.3k) over him for your forward spot in a stack.  The real value pick here is Davis(3k) or Wanyama(3.8k).  Davis has some set piece duty so he could offer an incredibly nice differential for a dirt cheap price.  Him or Mahrez (Leicester) are the 2 players I'm keeping my eye on and will look to incorporate to offer huge dividends this weekend.

That covers it all, best of luck to everyone this weekend and hopefully you make some money, as long as you finish below me of course!