A page for resources related to fantasy soccer, and premier league team and player statistics.

Squawka Comparison MatrixThis is a great tool for comparing important player stats for researching who you might want on your team.

WhoScored - Another stat site for player ratings. Not particularly my cup of tea, but still fairly informative.

Formacion - Another site that shows formations and projected lineups.  Great to see where players typically line up so you can make proper selections.

Statto - This site has statistics from all the way back in 1888-89 premier league season.  It also offers a great overview of odds across betting sites.  This is the place I go every week to look at the odds to pick out the fixtures I want to focus my team selections on.

RotoWorld - Good site to go to for some fantasy articles.  I like it on gamedays as they are on the ball for compiling gameday lineups. 

Fantasy Football First -  Another site that is similar to Fantasy Football Scout.  They have really good post gameweek reviews of the games.  

Men In Blazers Podcast - My favorite soccer podcast, not related to fantasy at all but it is a great listen.