Basic information for the Daily Fantasy Site Mondogoal

Mondogoal is one of the first sites to offer Daily Fantasy in the UK as well as the US and Canada.  Last season they offered a weekly $100 freeroll for the weekend EPL slate as well as a $5 $1,000 GTD. tournament.  They also had a large end of season tournament with a 30k GBP prize pool which I took 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 13th in for 6.9k GBP.  They also offer contests for all sorts of different leagues for a bit of added variety (Seria A, La Liga, Brazilian League, MLS, as well as cross league contests).  It is a great way to get your feet wet without much risk and possibly win some extra cash. Below are all the scoring rules for the site so you can acclimate yourself.  Many of my tips that I provide for DK will still apply, but there is definitely some more nuanced stats when it comes to defenders/midfielders.

This season they have been consistently offering a weekly 10k GBP tournament as their flagship as well as a handful of other GTD prize pool tournaments.  They also just announce their end of the season 50k GBP tournament.

There are a few downsides to Mondogoal such as the lack of Roster Management tools, including Late Swap.  This is something they are looking into developing as the new season starts.  If and when that happens I expect them to really take off as they are ambitious with their goals and have the right partnerships to get there.

The other downside is they've pulled out of certain states in the using including my home state Florida.

Scoring Rules

All Players

Fouls Won .5
Minutes 0.02
Fouls Committed -.5
Yellow Cards -2
Red Cards -5


Goals 7
Assists 4
Shots on Target 2
Passes Completed 0.03
Penalty Kicks Missed -5


Shots on Target 2
Clean Sheets 2
Single Goal Matches 1
Passes Completed 0.05
Penalty Kicks Missed -5


Goals 7
Assists 4
Clean Sheets 4
Single Goal Matches 2
Tackles Won 0.5
Passes Intercepted 0.25
Passes Completed 0.03
Penalty Kicks Missed -5


Penalty Kicks Saved 7
Clean Sheets 6
Single Goal Matches 3
Tackles Won 1
Saves 1
Goals Allowed -2


All athletes’ scoring totals will be updated every 30 seconds during a contest, with the exceptions of minutes, clean sheet, and single-goal match. Once a match is complete, these points will be tallied and added to your total.